Our interactions both loving and unloving are reflections of us

Whether we like it or not,

Consciously or Subconsciously

They are there

These lessons which are also blessings when we uncover the message are in these mirrors if we look closely.

That argument or the frustration you may have had with someone is a direct reflection of you…

The advice you may have suggested is something you should apply towards your life.

At times

We don’t want to see that reflection in the mirror cause it hurts us.

We tend to become angry at what we see because of its raw truth.

Or sometimes we are just blind to who we actually are…

Don’t get caught up in the reflection….

Don’t judge the image but embrace it and adjust

This great message is trying to show us the change we must make within ourselves not hurt us…

Don’t run from your reflection you may see in another….But move towards it

Try to understand it.

Go deep within yourself and face it.

These mirrors are blessings in disguise.

So love the person who’s on the other side of that mirror.

⁃ M.


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