Remain Focused



Pay Attention

Patience. We need to learn patience for ourselves. We can wait a lifetime for a person to get it right but never demonstrate that same patience for ourselves. We are hard on ourselves when we fall instead of getting up and going for it again. We get so frustrated and worried about what happened that we forget to move forward to make it right. This isn’t a race but yet a journey, A journey to your happiness which only you can achieve.

Persistence. Keep going! Everything takes time, the focus should not be on how much time but just how we are utilizing it. We limit ourselves when we ask for details. When we question, we allow fear to come in.

Pay Attention. From the people we are around or the advice that we give. Those are the reflections of us and they are giving us a message. But It’s not just about the signs that you encounter. Paying attention to yourself and your interactions and reactions is what holds the key.

I was once told if you’re doing right and being yourself then nothing else matters. Not because you don’t care but because you do! You care about yourself and in return you can care for another. And actually be the example of what you are seeking.

Take Care.



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