The Belief System 

Always believe Even in the darkest of storms 

At its strongest currents 

And the darkest of nights 

When the light is so dim 

And you don’t see an end 

There’s always a finish line 

An end to suffering 
Easier said than done huh.
To trust or not to trust…
That is the question…
A question that can make or break you

Of course shake you 

But always wake you

Awaken you to the light 

To the unknown 

Which can be scary but when you see it through its not what you thought it would be.
Courage is what we must all obtain 

Because Fear is the enemy 
I never could imagine all the miracles that can occur.

Blessings that can unfold 

The love that can come from just by trusting in your life 
The possibilities are endless.


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