Remove rejection out your vocabulary because no one should ever identify with that.  It’s fact that you may like some and be disliked by many.  

It’s a fact that you may like one but they don’t like you back.  

This is exactly how life works, no cheat sheets, no nothing. 

 Some people may not like you because of their interpretation of you but that doesn’t make it the real you, 

only the judgement of what they thought they saw. 

Have they taken the time out to get to know you is another story.  

People put so much into making a first impression that many times that’s not the real them.   

we are all at a different levels of consciousness 


What happened to…

Getting to know the person…(that’s out the window) 

Because that’s not the world we live in…

We are apart of a digital world that we think we can just scroll through and then continue on with our lives as if we are not human.

No chances just one but again that’s not real life 

we fall and get right back up again 

So not taking it personal is not an option 

You have to look at things on the bright side and keep an open mind and heart 

Look at it like 

This was just practice

-M. Belardo 


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